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VIX Equestrian is a dressage stable and rehabilitation center. We’re passionate about the horses’ welfare and have created our facilities with the horses‘ safety and comfort as our main priority. We do our best to individually care each of our four legged friends.

We welcome all horses of different backgrounds, age and level to use our rehabilitation services of newest technology. Whether to recover quicker from an injury or to improve performance, we have different options to suit all needs. We work closely with veterinarians to achieve best possible results.

We currently offer:

– Treadmill with uphill possibility
– Water treadmill with uphill possibility
– Activomed magnetic massage therapy
– Bemer microcirculation therapy– Other services on request

The rehabilitation services are available as “drive in-drive out basis” as well as rehabilitation &/ training livery starting from a minimum duration of 1 week.

Joanna Robinson

We also offer further training of high quality dressage horses and training for ambitious dressage riders. Being based in southern Spain we benefit from the lovely winter conditions with many national and international competitions nearby throughout the winter.

Our facilities:

– 2 EB & Flow dressage arenas
– Many paddocks
– Safe ridings tracks inside the property
– Light and airy 12m2 boxes, partially with private patio
– Straw or straw pellet bedding mucked out daily
– All you can eat Spanish hay + alfalfa or Daily Plus
– 5x feeding per day
– 24h on-site service
– Video surveillance